Smith & Tzannes is a Sydney based architecture and urban planning practice directed by award winning architects Peter Smith and Andrew Tzannes.

Since 2004, we have enjoyed working on a wide and diverse range of project types and scales, providing the practice with considerable breadth and depth of experience. Our work includes single dwellings, multi-dwelling developments, civic and community places, urban design and strategic planning.

We create places and spaces people will enjoy. The work of the practice is characterised by elegant solutions that result from a thoughtful design based approach and an understanding of the environment and human experience.

We see architecture and urban planning as a seamless design process, seeking simple and beautiful solutions through an appreciation of the natural and built context. We love contrasting materials and textures and playing with sunlight and shadow to create delight. 

We enjoy developing a close relationship with our clients. Our extensive range of clients come from both the public and private sectors. They benefit from our diverse experience as we resolve the planning, design, construction and environmental performance issues with considered and practical solutions. We enjoy understanding our client's needs and listening to their ideas. A testament to the quality of service is that our clients keep returning to us.

We believe a sustainable built environment should enrich peoples lives and add quality to the communities it serves.  Our team is highly experienced in passive solar design, sustainable material selection and maximising the energy and water efficiency of your project.


We understand the new regulatory environment - in part because we have been involved in creating it.  Our clients benefit from the experience of having worked for local and state government as well as for private clients. We have experience in assessments, strategy, policy and project design and delivery. Through a significant body of work, we have developed solid working relationships and a partnership approach that delivers results and provides exceptional planning solutions.

Our policy work is shaped by our practical experience. Policies we helped shape include the NSW Housing Code, Affordable Rental Housing SEPP, BASIX and SEPP 65, NSW Medium Density Housing Code, Education SEPP and NSW Childcare guidelines.

We add value to every project - delivering solutions beyond our client expectations. We are recognised for our integrity, expertise and design excellence, and are often called upon to provide expert advice on current planning and design matters.

We value excellence and believe that good design can improve the way we live. We share a genuine enjoyment in the process of planning, design and construction and bring energy and enthusiasm to what we do. If you are planning a project and would like to explore the possibilities or learn more about the services we provide, please give us a call.

Director Peter Smith is a member of the State Design Review Panel, provides design review assessments for a number of Sydney councils and is an expert in the Land & Environment Court. He was previously a member of the Sydney South Planning Panel.


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