A founding principal of Smith & Tzannes, Peter has been actively involved design, research and policy development in the field of architecture and urban planning for over 20 years. He is a strategic design thinker and an advocate for design quality. Peter brings to projects the advantage of having been on ‘both sides of the fence’ with experience in private practice, Local and State Government.

Peter is recognized as an expert in NSW planning reform in particular complying development and medium density housing. He is a consultant to the NSW Department of Planning, providing advice on the continued development of complying development and e-planning systems. During his career Peter has delivered design policy on child care centres, schools, medium density housing and apartments. He is the lead consultant behind the NSW Medium Density Housing policy and Design Guide.

Peter is also well known as a highly experienced Court expert in the field of architecture, urban design and solar analysis with the Land and Environment Court. As an advisor on design quality he provides advice to councils on development applications, being particularly sought after for his practical design based approach.

A strong theme of sustainability underlies all the work done by Peter. As a GreenStar professional he is involved in the delivery of sustainable outcomes for the built projects (many of them being industry leading). He has also taught and lectured in sustainable architecture. Peter was a consultant to the NSW Department of Planning in the development of the BASIX tool, providing research into the Thermal Comfort and multi-dwelling tools and preparing guidelines and interface design.