The NSW Commercial and Industrial Code is part of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 (Codes SEPP). The NSW Housing Code is made up of the Exempt Development Code, Commercial & Industrial Alterations Code and the Commercial and Industrial Additions and New Building Code, all of which are contained in the Codes SEPP.

Smith & Tzannes were engaged in 2009 to prepare the user guide for the Commercial and Industrial Guide. In 2018, Smith & Tzannes have been engaged to undertake a review of the Code. This includes ensuring the Code has a closer relationship to local planning controls and ensuring the revised Code is clear and simple to understand. This includes easy to follow diagrams to make it simpler for businesses, designers, certifiers and councils to understand the rules for complying development. This work is currently being completed.

NSW Comercial and Industrial Code - NSW Planning (1).jpg