The Medium Density Housing Code was released on Friday 6th of April, 2018, along with the Medium Density Design Guide. It’s been our baby and has finally been put out in to the big bad world.

    Find out about the Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code and accompanying Design Guide. For more information, visit:

    Why it’s exciting:

    • the first guideline document for this form of housing in 25 years;
    • it is the first time state wide controls for this form of housing in NSW has been implemented;
    • it creates the planning framework to create terrace houses and subdivide them  (for the first time ever – most terraces constructed today don’t comply with LEP provisions and need 4.6 variations or are strata titled);
    • it does all of this as complying development – creating certainty – developers know when they will get it approved and what it will be, and the community know what form of development to expect and won’t have to fight development;
    • the first development standards requiring the designer to consider the context and neighbourhood character;
    • comprehensive amenity controls for future development and also to protect neighbours (where appropriate to do so);
    • the new manor house (small blocks of apartment the size of a house – create great opportunities for ‘hidden density’ -  it looks like a house but it contains 4 small dwellings
    • terraces, villas and manor homes provides great opportunities for a diverse range of the community (from growing families, young couples and those wishing to down size) who may not want to live in an apartment or a house with a big garden… and some exciting design opportunities.
    Winners of the Missing Middle Design Competition talk about the benefits of the new Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code.

    Read the Medium Density Design Guide and find more information on the Department of Planning and Environment's website:

    Sophie Pinsent